Fábrica De Software Posted by: root | Nov. 16, 2017, 7:10 p.m. ( 5 years, 6 months ago)

The proposal of the Software Factory is to offer students in the area of ​​Information Technology (Superior and Technical) the possibility of developing activities in an environment that reproduces the conditions of a softwarehouse. Within a controlled environment, students can participate in the entire process of developing solutions in the area of ​​Information Systems to meet the most diverse demands that are contracted with the Software Factory. The idea is to make use of the concepts presented and discussed in the classroom in the various disciplines, to guide students in the adoption of techniques and tools to analyze, evaluate, design, develop and implement IT solutions.

In addition to the evident impact on the courses in the area of ​​Informatics, all sectors of the campus, including courses, administrative activities, research and extension may benefit from the activities of the Software Factory. Any need that involves the development of a solution in the area of ​​Information Systems can be sheltered in the activities of the factory.

Below is a list of some of the projects being developed within the Software Factory, and others that are expected to start in 2013:
Development of a solution for the capture, processing, storage and analysis of data related to fishing vessel trajectories in Babitonga Bay;
IFC Portal: Templates in WordPress, Joomla !, Plone
Botanal: Django + Gnuplot + Matplotlib
Pig Industry: Django + Farm School
Bibliography management: Web semantics + Pergamum integration
Intelligent Contests Management: Asterisk integrated system
Research / Extension Project Management: System for managing the Research and Extension projects of IFC-Campus Araquari
It is worth remembering that research projects that may require activities involving the Information Systems area (systems development, data analysis, modeling and implementation of databases etc) may be developed in the Software Factory.
The Prof. Jonas Cunha Espindola, recently elected director of the Araquari Campus, presented his view on the Software Factory: The analysis of pedagogical practice has shown that significant changes in education will only be possible as teachers and students have a deep understanding of the reason be of their practice. In this way, our Campus must create a motivating environment in which it is possible to reduce the dichotomy between theory and practice and prepare the student for the job market. The software factory, an initiative of the teachers of the area of ​​Informatics of our campus, comes to this: to combine theoretical knowledge with practical actions of experience proposing solutions to everyday problems.

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